Why You Need to Blog?


From: Dream Grow
By: Priit Kallas
Do you have your own blog?
Does your company?
Curious how to keep up with content?
This article from Dream Grow and Priit Kallas is so helpful.
Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing. Whenever I talk, write, consult, or lecture, I can’t stress enough the importance of blogging for your company or brand. Believe me; it really pays off. I have seen it time and again. If you are still in doubt, here are some reasons to blog:

Create an image of an expert

You know a lot about your business. Even if you are fairly new in a given field, you know a lot more than your customers and prospects. Show off what you know in a way that makes your audience’s life easier and you will make yourself an expert.
For example, my friend Peep Laja from ConversionXL decided to become the leading expert on conversion optimization. He started with epic, in-depth posts on the subject. Put in the hours and now he is one of the most highly rated conversion optimization experts in the world.
If you put in the hours of deliberate practice, you will get there, too.

Interact with clients and prospects

Answer the most important questions your clients have. Find original ways to explain a concept that is memorable and opens new possibilities.

Improve search engine rankings

Good SEO is the side effect of blogging. Creating original and valuable content will make other websites link to you as an important resource in a given field. Great content will, in turn, increase your image as an expert.
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