What Am I Thankful For This Year


What a rocky year!

Understatement huh?

Well, yes it has been a rocky year.  A lot of projects I rely on for my liveihood, were cancelled due to the worldwide pandemic. My father passed away in July. My mother is currently battling Covid pneumonia. My 84-year old Mother-in-Law, who I adore, began residing with us. She requires 24/7 care.

Juggling my clients, projects, volunteerism, personal resposibilities and everything life, takes its toll.

We ALL are experiencing similar situations and constraints. Noone is immune from daily life duties and obligations being altered.

But, you know what else is true. We are all still here. And we still have much to be thankful for.

My list of Thanks for 2020:

  • My Health is Good – I feel great for a 60-year old.
  • I’m Happy – I continue to have joy & happiness deep in my soul.
  • My Bride – One of if not the biggest reason I have such joy & happiness is my beautiful bride.
  • I have Money in the Bank – So grateful that although I have lost a significant slice of my business, I retained some loyal clients and reinvented some trainings with virtual formats and videos.
  • My Circle of Friends is Wide & Deep – I appreciate and love my peeps. Although we haven’t been able to be together, social sites have been a blessing.
  • Growth – One cannot grow personally or professionally while remaining in their comfort zone. We were all forced to step outside of it. Growth is inevitable.
  • Roof over my Head – Love my castle. Great view. It is warm & cozy.
  • Vehicle that Runs – Getting from point A to B is taken for granted.
  • Hit the Big 6-0 – Yep, hit 60 in October. Wow, who would have thought that when I was in my 20’s? Not me!
  • Bought a Little Place in FLA – Started my retirement transition. Purchased a little condo in St. Pete.
  • All 5 Senses Work Well – Yep, got all 5 of them. And they work well. My 6th sense is even getting stronger.
  • Ability to Rest & Sleep – Sleep is my wonder drug. I get 8 sound hours of sleep a night.
  • Sense of Humor – Tickle that funny bone. I laugh a lot. You should too. It is the best medicine.
  • Technology – I know. I am not that techie, but I do love my cell phone, my desktop, zoom, facetime, social media and the likes.
  • Kindness Campaign – I have enjoyed developing the #BeKindToday campaign. Haven’t missed a day of creating a kindness post.
  • Wisdom – I do not think we get smarter with age, but I do believe life experiences leads to a wealth of wisdom.
  • Watching a good Sunrise and Sunset – The sun doesn’t have Covid-19. Either they have been stunningly beautiful, or I am just noticing them more.
  • Scientists & Researchers – Let them do their job. I think they are doing amazing work.
  • Democracy & Voting – Love the freedom to vote.
  • The Great Outdoors – West Virginia is an outdoor playground. And we have been socially distancing outside since 1863.

There you have it. My Top Twenty.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020.

We got this guys.

Hang in there!

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