#UPLIFTED! Campaign Launched for The Underprivileged Children Foundation



Press Release from The Underprivileged Children Foundation.

Anyone traveling through the majestic mountains or quaint communities of West Virginia witnesses the need: the economic hardships, rugged terrain, limited opportunities, and opioid epidemic create extreme hardships for the Mountain State’s children & families.  These families struggle to make their lives work: un/underemployment is rampant, workforce opportunities have dwindled, poor health & obesity are on the rise, and addiction struggles permeate the region causing a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.  While many governmental, not-for-profit organizations, and corporations stretch their already-thinned margins to help, the needs always exceed the available resources. Access to therapeutic services remains a primary challenge for those who could most benefit from supportive counseling.

The Underprivileged Children Foundation, Inc., formed by those who believe we can – and must – do more, is pleased and proud to announce the launch of its “#UPLIFTED!” campaign.  This grassroots effort will seek resources to provide for basic needs and holiday treats to those children & families identified through UCF’s vast partner network to provide essentials like winter coats, backpacks for school, clothing – all necessities for work & school in our beautiful State.  UCF is also partnering with area charities to enhance the impact of these organizations. Finally, UCF is launching in-home/community-based therapeutic services designed to address issues resulting from long periods of struggle.

More information can be found at helpwvkids.org or by calling (304) 542-4698.  

West Virginians are resilient.  We find ways to help our neighbors.  Too many of our children and families are struggling and this campaign is designed to bring solutions directly to these problems.  I know this campaign will save the lives of many West Virginians and promote the wonderful, often thankless work of many government and private organizations,” said Mr. Tommy Vance, President of the Underprivileged Children Foundation.

These are tough times but teamwork and diligence will make an enormous, often life-saving difference for our fellow West Virginians.

About the Underprivileged Children Foundation

UCF, founded in 2016, seeks to provide basic needs, raise awareness, advocate for supportive services and public policies, and provide locally-based behavioral health services for West Virginia children & families in need.

The Executive Director of UCF, Thomas Bailey, is available for interviews about how to become involved in the #UPLIFTED! Campaign.
Contact: Thomas Bailey


716 Lee Street East, Suite 201

Charleston, WV 25301

Contact: Thomas Bailey, Executive Director

(304) 542-4698


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