Trusting That There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel


Tunnel light
From: Positively Positive
By: Leslie Ralph
Are you are trouble seeing the light?
No end in sight?
Worried that the light you do see is an oncoming train?
This article by Leslie Ralph has some encouraging tips. Just keep moving forward in a positive light.
Sometimes the most profound messages come in the simplest packages.
My daughter brings home piles of paper every day, and I discovered this in the middle of one of those piles:
Find the light

Finding this reminded me that light is everywhere.

It’s there waiting to be found (or find you) in the most unexpected places.
Admiring her picture also made me wonder if finding that light could really be as natural as saying, “Hey, it’s dark in here. Let me find the light.” And then trusting that you’ll find that switch. You don’t need to know how or why it’s there or how or why it works, just that it is and it does.
I think it can be.
I find the light.
To me, this means we can find the traces of hope in the hopeless, a thread of inspiration in the lifeless.
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