Top 5 Ways to Make and Improve Friendships


From: Positively Positive
By: Christine Hassler
Friends are so important. Togetherness, support, and understanding are things that make a good friendship.
Would you like to improve you relationship with your friends?
This article by Christine Hassler give you 5 ways to do just that.
We tend to place a lot of importance on romantic relationships and our careers, often neglecting the value of friendships. This is not a recipe for a fulfilling life!!
Quality friendships are a key ingredient to happiness.
However friendship does come with some challenges . . .
We may have outgrown some friends as our values shift.
Friends move on either physically or onto creating their own families and therefore become less available.
We have some past hurts around feeling left out or rejected so we doubt our ability to make new friends.
It is difficult to find like-minded people to begin friendships with.

But these challenges can be overcome and are definitely NOT a reason to give up on friendships! In today’s vlog I give you my tips for creating and nurturing the kind of friendships that enhance the quality of your life.

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