To Trust in Your Goodness Is the Ultimate Success


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Are you a GOOD person?

Do people think you are a good person?

Would you like to work on your goodness?

This article by Danielle Laporte brings a lot of insightful advice to the table.

At the end of an interview, it’s common to be asked the big finale question: “Tell our listeners how to get unstuck. Give us three secrets to happiness. What’s THE most useful thing you’ve learned?” No pressure.

I have a lot of possible answers, but recently, I surprised myself with this one:

“What’s the most useful thing I’ve learned?” I paused. “That I’m a good person.”

There aren’t three quick steps to that. No hack. I don’t know if it translates into anything helpful for anyone. It’s not particularly innovative or sexy. But it’s my greatest success so far.

Many of us learn to subsist on a criticism diet, in a kind of pain that eats us. We turn the pain we feel against ourselves, using our hurts as evidence that we must be unworthy—not awfully bad, but certainly not wholly good.

All oppressive systems feed this lie of unworthiness, of “not goodness”. This is the d-mning illusion of separation from Source.

But the Truth is waiting, like eternal Truth does: You’re born good. DNA goodness. Spanning all of time fundamentally good. Even when you’ve done bad stuff, the heart of your matter is purely good.

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