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Our Charleston, West Virginia community has a lot of fundraising events for charitable organizations. And it is well documented that Charleston/Huntington is ranked the 4th most charitable market in the United States, according to Deseret News. We are a very giving community.
I have always been amazed that each and every non-profit organization gets supported the way it does.
With so much competition out there for these charities, it is imperative that certain tips be taken to ensure success during these events.
Here are 6 planning tips to make sure your event is pulled off without a hitch:


Begin with an end in mind. As Stephen Covey once discuss in his popular book ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’.

Set Goals

What is the purpose of the event? What is the expectation of monies raised? Is it a true fundraiser, or is there possibly an underlining purpose for the event?  Write down and establish the goals and objectives of the event.


You have to have this. There are lots of templates out there for you to use on this one if you are not familiar with doing a budget. Gotta have one.


Where and what type of event will it be? Black-tie, 60’s, Rock n Roll, etc…you decide. Encourage guests to follow suit.

Secure sponsorship/support

This is the anchor from which the event will be a success or bust. A few anchor sponsors are a must.


How will the word get out. The are lots of avenues to ‘get the message out’. I would make sure that Social Media Marketing #SMM was included.
Good luck. Have fun.
Jim Strawn & Company is known for event planning and raising monies for charitable organizations. If we can be of service to you or your organization, please contact us. 

James Strawn

James Strawn

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