The Underprivileged Children Foundation Launches UPLIFTED Campaign


The Underprivileged Children Foundation, Inc.Logo, is pleased and proud to introduce its 2019-2020 UPLIFTED! Campaign to raise support for those West Virginia children & families who need our help.

The situation is not good: too many West Virginia children suffer from abuse & neglect, are removed or at-risk of being removed from their families, and too many children are in foster care. Many West Virginia families struggle to make ends-meet and are often unable to provide basic needs, like school clothing, nutritious food, or winter coats. For many of these children, holidays are celebrated without Easter Baskets or holiday presents. In an area grappling with the ravages of addiction and a depressed economy, many families find helplessness and hopelessness as the only constants.

The Underprivileged Children Foundation, Inc., (UCF) wants to do something about that…right now. Please join our UPLIFTED! Campaign cause as they seek to raise resources to provide necessities and, when possible, something special at the holidays, for our underserved youth and children. UCF has a proud history of restoring hope and bringing joy to those in need – and UCF is prepared to meet the ever-growing need by providing basic necessities and holiday treats for thousands of young West Virginia children and families. The UPLIFTED! Campaign is UCF’s pledge to generate resources and rally those who want to do MORE to help – who want to see 100% of those resources raised go directly into the hands of those who need it most.

How to help:

Please join our cause if you have an interest in serving your community through volunteerism or through a financial contribution and make a difference. Every dollar matters! UCF wants to recognize those who contribute to the lives of West Virginians in need. Our communities love organizations and businesses who give back and we want to make sure they know who has the biggest hearts!

Be a HERO with a gift of $3,500. Everyone deserves an opportunity to emerge from negative circumstances. Be a HERO today for many West Virginia children & families in need. UCF will recognize our HEROES through a variety of media outlets, events, and in UCF’s social media presence.

Be an ANGEL with a gift of $1,500. Coining a popular country music song, “Angels Among Us,” UCF invites those who wish to be an Angel for a West Virginia family or child in need. All of our Angels will receive mentions in our social media feeds and recognized at events throughout the year.

Be a FRIEND with a gift of $500. Friends are the most precious resource on the planet. Become a Friend for a family in need. All of our Friends will be invited to recognition events throughout the year.

Give the gift of TIME and volunteer to support one of UCF’s many upcoming events.

Call 304-807-6227 to learn more about UCF and how you can make the difference in an underprivileged child’s life. 

About UCF:

The Underprivileged Children Foundation (UCF), a 501 c 3 organization, was established in 2016 by native West Virginians with more than 50 combined years of witnessing and assisting impoverished families. With a mission to “Enhance and advance the lives of West Virginia children and families in need,” they set out to make a difference one family at a time. To learn more, please visit them at or find them on Facebook at

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