The Place Called Enough (Cultivating A Life of Gratitude)


From: John Pavlovitz
Are you tired of being ‘sick & tired’?
Do you always seem to live by the Law of Lack as opposed to the Law of Abundance?
Are you grateful, but maybe not really?
Do you view the world as one big miracle?
As November winds down and the month of gratitude comes to an end, it is time to cultivate a life of gratefulness every single day.
Love this piece by John Pavlovitz.
There’s a place I like to visit from time to time: a place called Enough.
It is that place where my endlessly racing heart finally slows, where the ever-clenched muscles in my jaw release, where my labored breathing stretches from short, shallow sips into slow, savoring swells. There my chest expands and contracts fully without interruption and my mind no longer chases what was or might be or should be, but pauses to quietly rest in what is.
There in Enough, all of the hot, crackling noise within my head ceases; the constant comparisons that tell me that I am not measuring up, the never-ending criticisms that forever state their disapproval, the taunting whispers reminding me of both what I have failed to grasp and what I am most surely bound to lose.
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