The Best Kept Secret to Longevity


From: Fulfillment Daily
By: Emma Seppala
Do you aspire for long, fruitful and active life?
Do you exercise daily habits to insure this?
Do you have goals and objectives written down that will deliver this longevity?
Look younger! Feel more vibrant! Boost your stamina! Live Longer! Those are the promises made to us by marketing gurus about countless products from facial creams to dietary supplements, from the latest diet trend to the newest fitness fad. Psychological research, however, points us to a far greater (and less expensive!) secret to longevity. It is one that is often overlooked in our efforts to follow the advice of the marketing gurus. John Lennon may just have been right when he wrote “All You Need is Love.” Research suggests that love may be an important predictor of longevity.
Consider the fact, for example, that having strong social relationships predicts a 50% increased chance of longevity.
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