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By: Shan Ronald
Does your blog need a ‘shot in the arm’?
Would you like to have more followers of your blog?
Does your blog engage your readers?
This article by Shan Ronald can help.

The Use of ‘You’ and ‘I’

Well written blogs and articles are written in first and second person, not third person. This means the appropriate use of I and you (or We if the blog is for a company). The reason for this is simple: the use of ‘you’ engages the reader and makes them think about how the subject of your blog would help them. The use of I/we makes the entity behind the blog seem more personal. Using personal pronouns makes the post more engaging.
Some people believe that use of the word ‘I’ makes for weaker prose, particularly in academic writing. And it’s true enough…in that structure. But in blog posts and web copy, the word I is not such a bad thing. Proper usage makes stronger sentences and lends a more personal feel that draws the readers in.

Contractions Aren’t Bad

We use contractions when we speak, so using contractions in your writing will make your work seem more conversational and thus more engaging. In academic writing, you were probably told to avoid contractions, but in blog posts and web copy, you certainly can use them. The big reason is that without contractions, your writing may come off as a bit stilted. If you have to get back into contractions, use the Find and Replace tool to omit phrases like ‘you are’ and ‘I am.’
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