Practical Wisdom to Sink Your Teeth Into


From: Positively Positive 
By: Robin Lee
Are you enjoying your journey through life?
This article from Robin Lee is spot on:
I love my job. On a daily basis I get to remind people like you how awesome it is to be alive in the bodies we have.
As a Medical Intuitive, part of my job is to help people listen to their bodies and understand their bodies wisdom. It is quite empowering to understand what your body is trying to communicate. Often times, health concerns and issues are conversations spoken that haven’t been acknowledged or listen to. More often than not there is nothing wrong with the body as much as in the way you may be taking care of your body.
A simple step toward being able to hear your body speak more clearly is choosing to take time to focus on yourself when you eat. Consider removing all distractions from meal time. Turn off your phone, TV, and computer and take a few deep breaths… allowing yourself to really focus on your meal and how you are feeling. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? How has the day affected you so far? Digestion starts as soon as you begin chewing your food. Chew slowly. Chew well. This is some of the best advice I can share when it comes to improving digestive health.
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