People Are Talking: Here’s What They Are Saying About JS & Company


Recommendations of your business are critical. They are a driving force to business growth. It is ‘word of mouth’ on steroids.

Studies indicated that as a small business, you don’t need a huge advertising budget (you do need some) but recommendations from other reputable business and written documentation is a huge influence in business deals.

Ask for recommendations, we do at Jim Strawn & Company. We are small. We need all the help we can get.

Personal recommendations drive sales and growth.

So at Jim Strawn & Company, we are so grateful for the many recommendations over the past few months.
We have put together a composite of reviews. We are forever grateful.

  • “Jim brings thoughtful and strategic perspectives to his work, he thinks outside the box to benefit those with whom he’s involved and his level of energy is unmatched!”
    • Homestead Communications, Diane Slaughter
  • “If you want the best, get with Jim Strawn & Company!”
    • Jamie Dickenson, LLC, Krista Greene
  • “Jim Strawn does an incredible job. I highly recommend.”
    • Ghostwriting USA, Jeffrey Mangus
  • “Jim is an energetic passionate person that works hard and is a great promoter.”
  • “Jim is highly personable and highly competent.”
    • Hartley Law Group, Mark Staun
  • “Jim is always upbeat and a great ambassador for West Virginia and his clients!”
    • Technology Infrastructure, Michael Stalnaker
  • “Creative mind. Proactive and Professional.”
  • “Jim is always a pleasure to work with”
    • Stella’s Italian Cafe & Boutique
  • “Jim is very well known and has a countless number of important contacts that can be extremely helpful for your business needs.”
  • “Jim Strawn is an absolute professional in every way!”
    • Charleston Gazette-Mail, Melissa Jarrell
  • “Jim Strawn & Company offer savvy public relations advice with particular value added in the context of social media.”
    • Health Smart Causualty Claims, Andy Richardson
  • “Jim bring positive energy to every project.”
    • Andy Wessells
  • “Jim is VERY good at marketing. Highly recommend him”
  • “Jim brings a sunny disposition to even the hardest of all situations, and he’s always ready to go into a project head on!”
    • 3 Betties Foundation, Chad Beam
  • “What a pro. If you have any promotion needs MC work or social media he does it all better than anyone I know”
  • “Jim Strawn is a true professional. He is known and respected for his expertise in marketing and promotion”
  • “Jim is a bright light…innovative, refreshing, full of energy, motivating, forward thinking, passionate, involved, & very knowledgeable on today’s times & very well connected. He is a pillar in our community!”
    • Old Colony Real Estate, Beth Given
  • “Jim has a winsome personality. I’m sure whatever he would do to help someone would be win-win.”
  • “Jim Strawn is a sure fire keynote to address your group or organization and is well known all over WV and beyond if you may be considering a new face to endorse your product or service! He’s professional to the core and can hold his own when put to the task if you need someone to count on.”
    • Ball Toyota, William McCormick
  • “Jim, is A reliable individual, a strong performer in many markets. He’s well known throughout the state. A man of his word and Well liked by many. Any business would be fortunate to have Jim on their team in any capacity.”
    • AmerAssist, Chet Roberts
  • “Jim is just amazing. He’s always there for you and your clients. Keep with his promises and over delivers! What else can you ask for?”
  • “Teel Design Group works with Jim on multiple projects. If you want something done well, Jim is your man.”

If you need help with your marketing message, please reach out to us. 304-541-4756.

Thank you.


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Jim Strawn & Company itself is a marketing company that specializes in helping civic organizations, non-profits, municipalities, associations, and businesses of all sizes engage their customers and followers through results-driven marketing strategies.

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