Our Children Our Future TV Show Features the Food S.H.A.C.K.


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Our Children Our Future, brought to you through a collaboration with KC Schools, Suddenlink Communications, The Underprivileged Children Foundation and Jim Strawn & Company, is a monthly 30-minute television program that focuses on issues effecting children. What kids are facing in today’s society, services offered, and the fundamental rights they deserve.

Jim Strawn is the host of the show.

The show airing June 22, 2020 – June 29, 2020  at 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. features the Food S.H.A.C.K.

We interviewed Tommy Vance, President & CEO of the Underprivileged Children Foundation (UCF).

He talked about UCF and their mission. The Underprivileged Children Foundation seeks to enhance and advance the lives of West Virginia children and families in need. They are native West Virginians working together to provide for our local victims of, poverty, abuse, domestic violence, and neglect. They were established in 2016 with the hope of creating a vision of hope for the future for our most vulnerable population. They team together as volunteers and strive to offer the most basic of needs and sense of normality most often taken for granted with the kindness of people like you along with federal and state grants.

Tommy discussed their latest program, the Food S.H.A.C.K. (Stop Hunger Among Community Kids).

The Food SHACK identifies areas in the Kanawha Valley community in which children and families need food/meals. The SHACK will go there and hand out meals. Basic. Simple.
That’s what they do. Feed Kids!
If you or your company would like to contribute to the Food SHACK cause, simply click here.
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Since the Food SHACK was launched, they have been out into neighborhoods and have handed out over 800 meals in 9 separate days.
The program is funded by the community. The title sponsor is The Health Plan.
FeedingAmerican.org says that there are about 267,000 West Virginians experiencing food insecurity with about 75,000 of those being children.
Tommy says, “The need is definitely there.”
If you would like to talk with someone and learn more about the Food SHACK, call 304-807-6227.
For more information on the Our Children Our Future TV Show, contact Jim Strawn, Executive Producer, at 304-541-756.


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