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By: Jim Strawn, President of Jim Strawn & Company

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I will never forget Dr. Paul McArdle, professor of educaton at WV Wesleyan College, writing on the chalkboard in the fall of 1982.


I have never forgotten that lesson.

Still resonates, today more than ever. Change is constant.

We are living and surviving in a changing world. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on change of global proportions.

Webster describes change as to make radically different. Yeah, that’s what 2020 has become, radically different.

In the presentation/speaking world, this rings very true. People are not allowed to gather to listen to speakers, singers, or performers.

We have gone virtual. While it is not the best scenario, speakers who are adapting and changing with the times are the ones who will PROSPER.

Learn some virtual speaking tips here.

I am adapting. Learning the virtual presentation world.

I have spoke/presented for numerous organizations in the past few months.

If your organization needs a virtual speaker, Jim Strawn & Company would like to be considered.

We offer topics on:

  • Mental Self-Care During This Transformation TIme
  • Your Life. Your Attitude. Your Journey
  • How Attitude and Leadership Go Hand in Hand
  • The Fine Art of Public Speaking
  • Branding your Brand
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • and more

We can also ‘host’ your virtual event. We recently hosted a fundraiser for a Montessori School.

Here is their review:

“Jim Strawn has been a big part of Mountaineer Montessori School’s successful fundraising events for many years. Jim understands and supports our mission and has been the event host and auctioneer every year for our biggest fundraiser–the annual spring gala. This gala raises significant funds for financial aid and teacher appreciation, and without it, our programs would be greatly impacted. When we had to transition to an online event this spring, our committee faced many uncertainties, but our emcee wasn’t one of them. Jim smoothly stepped into a new role, hosting our virtual gala over ZOOM without missing a beat. As always, Jim made it look easy, working with a technical producer, a live entertainer and speakers, taped performances and many video announcements. His energy and sincerity came right through the video screen, engaging our families and sponsors for nearly two hours. In the end, we raised more money than our in person event goal! Jim is wonderful to work with and he gives his all to understand an organization and the purpose of an event. He went above and beyond once again. We are so grateful for Jim’s help. When the show must go on, you can’t do better than Jim Strawn.”

Other recent reviews after presenting to the WV Association of Executive Directors:

  • “Perfect”
  • “Jim does a great job”
  • “He was terrific!”
  • “Extremely relevant”
  • “It’s our new normal!!, and Jim excels”

We also offer video taped presentations, trainings and speeches that we provide on flashdrive or link. For all your employees to view on their time.

So if you are looking for a virtual speaker, call us.

Let’s TALK.


Dr. McArdle, I hope you are proud. I am changing with the times.







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