March for Minden


March for minden

On Saturday, June 8, 2019 Minden, WV residents will recreate a march that took place 30 years ago to demand justice for the residents and commemorate the lives that have already been lost to PCB exposure. The goal is to recruit 1,000 allies to participate, so they are inviting ALL to reach that goal. Let’s march!

NOTE: For those that do not have the ability to walk the whole route, they will have a motorcade of vehicles that will follow the marchers.

For more information about Minden, Google: “Minden PCB”. The March for Minden is a family friendly event, so they encourage you to invite the masses to help them reach the goal of 10,000 participants.

NOTE:  Schedule for the three assemblies in Minden, at the Oak Hill City Park, and Collins Park are not set in stone. This all depends on our timing. The schedule and end time are an estimate.

The Minden Community Action Team is a grassroots group that has the goal of getting relocation for Minden residents who want relocation, lifelong specialized PCB related healthcare, a cleanup for Minden residents who wish to stay, and overall justice for Minden. We formed so that we can pick up where community groups in the 1980’s and 1990’s left off.

They have been able to get these agencies to confirm that the pollution is still in Minden, but they have not been able to convince agencies, politicians, or people in power to take action to relocate Minden residents and to provide necessary specialized healthcare. With a community of about 250 residents, they will need help from surrounding communities, organizations, churches, and individuals to encourage people in power to give Minden the help we deserve.

Important Event Information: Marchers should park at the Collins Park on Collins Avenue in Oak Hill between 2:00-2:30. The park is at the Dead End of Collins Avenue which is the road to the left after the old school. (veer left at the fork and take the left immediately after you pass the school) There will be volunteers that will help you find a spot and get you on a shuttle van that will take you to the march starting point in Minden. The march will end here, so you will end up at your car. Please remember to take any medication, sunblock, rain gear, and any other supplies with you that you may need for the march. Minden residents can park wherever you can find a spot in Minden.

Motorcade: If you cannot walk the route, please join the motorcade in your vehicle. Arrive in Minden before 2:50PM if you want to join the motorcade. Address: 1574 Minden Road, Minden,WV. You are welcome to decorate your car. Carpooling is encouraged. Trailers to carry additional people are encouraged. Carpooling and trailers will simplify assembly in Minden and at the assembly point in the Oak Hill City Park. The volunteers in the SALS vans will help you get in line in Minden, find parking at the Oak Hill Park, and shuttle you from your car to the Oak Hill Park Assembly.

Starting at 3:00 they will be getting in formation to march at the old company store, 1574 Minden Rd. (near the Minden Community Center). They will start marching/driving as soon as we are in formation. Please arrive by 3:00.

The March: march/drive from Minden, up Old Minden Road, across Main Street, Down Central Avenue, and to the Park on Park Street. There will be multiple water stations and one bathroom station.

They will assemble at the Oak Hill City Park to hear speeches from Minden residents and allies.

After the Oak Hill Park assembly, they will continue to march/drive to the Collins Park where the famous Lady-D will start performing at around 7:00PM.

At dusk the day concludes with a candlelight vigil memorial.
At that point if you need a shuttle back to Minden, volunteers will provide that.

Hope you can join.

Thank you.

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