How to Write Mobile-First Content


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From: DreamGrow
By:  Alicia Honeycutt
Did you know that over 2/3 of internet users access their phone first?
Would you like to be more compelling and appealing with your mobile content?
This article from DreamGrow is very helpful.
Don’t let the obvious constraints of a mobile phone fool you. A study by Pew Research Centre found that nearly 89% of Americans are internet users with 67% of them being smartphone users.
Just compare user experience of a blog on your laptop with your phone browser. You immediately notice a few, but obvious constraints about your phone:

  • Smaller screen space with small text size
  • No keyboard, it’s all touch or scroll based
  • Finger tapping and not mouse or trackpad usage for selection
  • Inconsistency between desktop & mobile UI’s
  • Visibility of just a single window
  • Internet connectivity

Despite these restrictions, mobile devices have fast become the preferred method for people to read, explore and stay engaged online. Mobile smart phones, today, are not only used to browse social media apps. They are used more and more to make bank transactions, online purchases for food, clothing and everything else between.
The smartphone today has made lives more convenient and faster. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, it’s time to think smaller than the regular 15-inch screen.
There are special opportunities that mobiles offer to users, and it is time to explore and take advantage of those opportunities. Significant focus then needs to be given to mobile phone users and their experience and engagement.
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