How to Create an Actionable Content Strategy


Content strategy
From: Dream Grow
By: Alex Ivanovs
Are you responsible for your company’s content on web and social sites?
Would you like to have a better plan of action for your content?
This article is for you then. A indepth guildeline for all your content needs.
This guide will give you necessary steps to create an actionable content strategy. Content marketing can quickly become your most valuable area of attracting new leads and customers. We will explore different stages of a content marketing strategy, and help you get from point A to point Z in just a few simple steps.
Content marketing is the most popular free marketing technique for acquiring new customers. Numerous case studies conclude that content marketing excels in attracting customers, increasing email subscriptions by up to 1000%, and helps to establish trustworthy brand signals for future opportunities in advertising and business growth.
Content ties together the community-driven aspects of your business brand. Having content that regular visitors and customers can relate to, increases their interest in you as a brand that operates on educational, but strategic, content basis. BufferApp is a great example of how a product can be tied closely to the content strategy, and how the content continues to drive growth based on the quality of information that you are sharing.
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