How to Be Happy Most of the Time


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From: Positively Positive

By: Ryan Biddulph

Are you happy?

Wanna be happier?

Here is some good insight from Ryan Biddulph. Enjoy.


People tell me I always look happy.

Even though I feel sad sometimes I feel genuinely happy most of the time.

Living in places like Fiji, Bali and New Zealand helped bring a smile to my face. But happiness has largely been an inside job for me and all happy folks.

I felt equally happy living in New Jersey or Thailand nearly a decade ago as I began circling the globe.

This is the happiness secret; as within, so without. @RyanBiddulph (Click to Tweet!)

How to Be Happy

Be incredibly happy by feeling happy now independent of circumstances.

Live inside-out.

I feel happy right now because I am alive. Life is good because infinite potential surrounds me. I write these words for the million member Positively Positive community while coasting 40,000 feet above the South Pacific.

I wrapped up a vie month trip to exotic spots like Oman, Turkey and Thailand yesterday. Plus I also enjoyed the most satiating glass of soda five minutes ago.

Both globe-trotting and soda glass experiences give me cause for incredible happiness. This is the secret to being predominantly happy; choose happiness now no matter the circumstances.

Develop Your Mental Muscle

Mind is a muscle.

Develop your mental muscle by focusing on positive ideas.

Positive ideas induce happy feelings.

List 20 positive ideas in your mind now. Scan your life experience from today, yesterday and the prior week. What feels happy to you? What do you feel grateful for now?

Record these ideas on a piece of paper to make happiness tangible.

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