How Rejecting Anger Stunts Our Leadership


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From: Positively Positive

By: Nisha Moodley

Are you in leadership position?

Are you striving to reach a leadership position?

Do you have the character and charisma of a leader?

This article by Nisha Moodley discusses how deep-seeded anger and how you react to it, it is holding you back.

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I always imagined that when the day came that I found out I was pregnant; I would feel all the lovely feelings.

Joy! Elation! Happiness! Excitement!

Instead, I felt everything. I was buckled into the hormonal rollercoaster, and there was no getting off the ride until…?! In a single day (or a single hour), I might experience joy, confusion, terror, excitement, sadness, hope, and rage.

Rage was a new one for me.

It’s not that I’d never faced it within others; it’s that I rarely (never?) felt it within myself.

Over the years, I had cultivated a willingness and capacity to be with incredible joy and incredible sadness, within myself and others. Sitting in circle with women in my Freedom Mastermind, I’ve held the individuals and the group through moments of absolute ecstasy and deep pain. Because that’s life.

Businesses thrive.

People die.

Bodies heal.

Hearts break.


But, anger…

Growing up, for me – and most women – anger was not an especially “acceptable” emotion. Most of us were expected to be nice girls, sweet girls, pretty and happy girls. So, we got quiet (shut down). And polite (bottled-up). And good (repressed).

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