How I Stopped Chasing Happiness and Started Enjoying My Imperfect Life


Enjoy your life
From: Tiny Buddha
By: Mai Pham
Would you like to ‘enjoy’ your life more?
Are you continously seeking happiness?
Do you actually understand what happiness is?
The following is an article from Mai Pham.
Have you ever set a goal and then become obsessed with it, making it the center of your life and arranging everything else around it? Did you think that only after you achieved your goal would you be totally relaxed and happy?
I’ve done this many times before.
Throughout my life, I’ve measured my happiness by my achievements. I pushed to get good grades in school, then focused on going to a good college, then getting a high-paying job.
However, even after getting all of those things, I was not happy. After attaining them, they felt ordinary, not as extraordinary as I thought they were.
The feeling of achievement was not that awesome after all.
I blamed my achievements for my dissatisfaction—that they were not tremendous enough for me to feel happy. So I thought I had to do more. I found a new goal, and I fell into the trap again.
I always had something to pursue, and I could never feel happy until I achieved everything.
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