How Failure Holds the Key to a Meaningful, Successful Life


Soulful sunday
From: Tiny Buddha
By: Joel Almeida
As our series, Your Soulful Sunday continues, enjoy this article from Tiny Buddha.
Your Soulful Sunday series helps you fill your life back up with purpose and alignment.
Are you a perfectionist?
Does failure hold you back from fulfilling your success?
This article by Joel Almeida helps explain how failure can lead to success.
“Perfectionism doesn’t believe in practice shots.” ~Julia Cameron
Within each of us lurks a perfectionist. And perfectionists set themselves up for a lot of pain in life.
How so? I’ll come to that.
First let me describe how our first child took her first step. She was less than ten months old. A very bright girl, who wanted nothing less than my approval at all times.
On one occasion, a few months previous to that, she was crawling on the carpet and picked up some small thing. As she started to put it in her mouth, I called out loudly “No!”
That was the first time she experienced any negative or critical words from me. Otherwise, I had been steadily adoring. What was her response?
She fell flat on the floor and remained perfectly still. It was as if she had been laid flat by a sledgehammer blow.
That’s how much she had come to rely on my approval.
So, what happened when one day she could finally stand up? I decided, as a very proud parent, to teach her how to walk right away.
Now, walking is easy for someone who’s already confident with standing up. It’s more challenging for someone who’s just learned how to stay on their feet unsupported. I was too young and foolish and overeager to think through all that.
In my excitement, I stood by her and urged, “You can walk. Just do this. Look at me. Just lift a foot like this and put it forward.”
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