Highlights TV Show Features WV International Film Festival & Floralee Cinema



About Highlights

Highlights is a 30 minute weekly TV show featuring organizations, events, grass-roots efforts and people who move our state and community forward in a positive way.

The show is a collaboration with Kanawha County Schools, Optimum Communications and Jim Strawn & Company.

The show airs daily at 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Optimum’s channel 17.

The show airing January 29, 2024 through February 12, 2024 features the WV International Film Festival and the Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema.

WV International Film Festival

We interviewd Delford Chaffin, President of the WVIFF Board of Directors.

Delford spoke about their mission and purpose. The West Virginia International Film Festival inspires a love of cinema through diverse and inclusive films.

Delford also discussed the Floralee Cinema located downstairs of Taylor Books on Capitol Street in Charleston, WV.

Floralee Cinema

He talked about their program, Movies That Matter, which is an issue-oriented series shown in partnership with WVIFF, The Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema and local non-profits and non-partisan organizations. Organizations may have a film in mind or we find films that are a good fit for their cause or agenda. The films are shown all month long, and while the sponsoring organization covers the screening fees, they split the box office 50/50. Organizations can also hand out flyers, set up tables, donation jars, sign up sheets, etc…

The cinema is a quaint 30-seat new renovated underground theater.

Oscar Party

Save the date 2024 oscar party

We also discussed their big Oscar Gala scheduled for March 10th beginning at 6:00 PM at Taylor Books.

Go to their website for for inforation.

If you would like to learn more about the Highlights TV Show, contact Host and Executive Producer Jim Strawn at 304-541-4756.


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