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Highlights is a 30 minute weekly TV show featuring organizations, events, grass-roots efforts and people who move our state and community forward in a positive way.

The show is a collaboration with Kanawha County Schools, Optimum Communications and Jim Strawn & Company.

The show airs daily at 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Optimum’s channel 17.

The show airing December 11, 2023 – December 18, 2023 features the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hoops Classic.

We interviewed FCA State Director, Keith Tyler and Head Boys Basketball Coach of Poca HS, Allen Osborne.

Keith recapped the Night of Champions event with featured speaker Clark Kellogg.

Then he went into the 2023 Hoops Classic in its 24th year.

The Classic is almost 25 years old and was founded by a group in St. Albans, led by Coach Tex Williams.  FCA became a co-organizer in 2006 and took over completely a few years later.  While this is a fundraiser for FCA, we still seek to keep the spirit of providing an amazing atmosphere for these young people to compete in and we think WVSU offers just what we need. 

Please come out on Friday and Saturday and enjoy some great competition.  Tickets are a bargain at only $7 each for all those 2nd grade and older.  2-day pass will be available for $12, while they last!

Coach Osborne discussed the opportunity for the boys and girls to participated in special pre-season Christmas basketball event with such a meaningful message.


The games are December 15th and 16th at WV State University.

Call 304-344-9005 with questions.

If you would like to learn more about the Highlights TV Show, contact Host and Executive Producer Jim Strawn at 304-541-4756.


James Strawn

James Strawn

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