Highlights TV Show Features 33rd Annual WV Hunting & Fishing Show


Highlights is a 30 minute weekly TV show featuring organizations, events, grass-roots efforts and people who move our state and community forward in a positive way.

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The show airing January 13, 2020 – January 20, 2020 highlights the 33rd Annual WV Hunting & Fishing Show.

We interviewed Sam Kindrick, President of the WV Trophy Hunters Association and Chris Lawrence, Host of WV Outdoors heard on WV MetroNews around the state of West Virginia.

With the upcoming 33rd Annual WV Hunting & Fishing Show presented by the WV Trophy Hunters Association scheduled for January 24-26, 2020 at the Charleston Convention Center in Charleston, WV, right around the corner, these 2 gentleman had a lot of information to share.

Sam talked about the Trophy Hunters Association purpose and about the show’s mission.


Each January, the WVTHA organizes the WV Hunting & Fishing. The mastermind behind the show is Daryl Haid, member of the WVTHA, who started this whole thing 33 years ago. All proceeds, except for costs to run the show and club operating expenses, are donated to programs that promote or protect hunting, fishing, wildlife, conservation, and related educational activities. From 1995 through 2019 their donations to these causes exceeded $1,250,000.  In addition they also make many “in kind” donations to various organizations. Another program that they sponsor is their nearly 600 acre Wildlife Study Project in Wirt County. They have raised over $500,000 for that project. While raising funds is important, the primary reason for hosting this show is to bring hunters and fishermen into contact with organizations that can provide them with goods and services related to these activities. They only solicit vendors of high quality products and services related to the sport of hunting and fishing. They are all 100% volunteers.

There are outfitters/vendors from ALL over the world at the SHOW.

This will be the 33rd year they have held the show for the benefit of the exhibitors, the hunters and fishermen in our area and the hunting, fishing, wildlife, and conservation organizations who benefit from their charitable donation program. The show has featured exhibitors from as far away as Alaska, New Zealand, Spain, and Africa, plus the United States and Canada.

In conjunction with the show, they run the West Virginia Whitetail Hall of Fame.  The West Virginia Whitetail Hall of Fame provides an opportunity for individuals to bring their West Virginia deer trophies in for official scoring and to display the largest racks harvested.  You may bring as many mounts in to be scored as you wish.  Bring your tags for the deer for official WV DNR scoring.

Chris, WV MetroNews and WV Outdoors, has been a part of this show for years. He talked about his statewide radio show.


Every Saturday morning, as host of WV Outdoors, Chris talks to the hunting and fishing populace of West Virginia (over half of the state households contain at least one license) and any listener who is even remotely interested in the state’s ecology. As you might expect, Chris loves the outdoors and knows first hand where the best hunting and fishing places are, but he also knows what makes them best at any given time. Considerable research and consultation with guest experts make the program useful for sportsmen, and informative for stay-at-homes.

He added how much he enjoys producing the radio show from the WV Hunting & Fishing Show and meeting so many of his listeners. There is a reunion feel of outdoor enthusiasts at this show every year.

We also interviewed Frank Addington, Jr, who is back again this year. Known as The Aspirin Buster, Frank’s exhibit is an amazing display of archery with a positive message for all family members. To learn more about Frank and his show click here.

Frank by fence

Addington, orginally from Putnam County, WV, encourages the next generation to take some time away from computers, video games, TV, and other distractions long enough to spend some time outdoors with their family.  He encourages the audiences to take time to fish, camp, hike, hunt, shoot archery or do a number of activities outdoors as a family unit.   Addington knows too many of today’s young people know the drive to the mall rather to a favorite hunting or fishing spot. He would love to meet up with with his old WV buddies. He is performing 5 times throughout the weekend.

WV Wildlife is sponsoring Frank’s appearance.

Wvdnr patch

We welcome new to the Show this year, CORE, Center for Organ Recovery & Education.

WV has become the 2nd state to pass law that allows organ donors by identified on their hunting license.

Center for organ recovery education core hunt fish donate life

CORE will be at the show educating folks on the new program.

We interviewed Mickey Johnson, a CORE volunteer and recipient. He is grateful to the WVTHA and expressed their excitement to share the new program details at the show itself.

Sam also talked about the workshops and seminars. Here is a look at that schedule:

Friday, January 24th in Parlor D – 5:30 pm- 8:30 p.m. Appalachian Whitetail 360 – hunting whitetail

Saturday, January 25th in the Little Theatre:
12:00 pm WV Raptor Rehab Center with a healed Bald Eagle release back into the wild scheduled during this presentation
1:00 pm Fur Seekers – Predator Hunting & Calling
2:30 pm WV DNR – Elk Reintroduction Status
4:00 Silent Charity Auction
5:00 Live Charity Auction

Chris is the emcee of the Auction. Again, proceeds going back into the community organizations that support wildlife conservation and education.

Show schedule:                                                                   Admission:

Friday, January 24         12pm to 9pm                                Adults – $9.00

Saturday, January 25      9am to 9pm                                 Children ages 6 to 12 – $1.00

Sunday, January 26        9am to 5pm                                 Children under 6 – Free

For more information, follow the WV Trophy Hunters  Facebook Page here.

If you would like to learn more about the Highlights TV Show, contact Host and Executive Producer Jim Strawn at 304-541-4756.


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