Give Up These 21 Toxic Attachments



From: Hack Spirit

By: Lachlan Brown

Is your world full of toxic situations and toxic people?

Would you like to declutter your toxicity?

Here ya go.

This article from Hack Spirit is just what you need.

Sometimes life seems like a huge struggle…

For almost 5 years I struggled to find inner peace and was lost in a whirlwind of anxiety and overthinking.

Because no matter what I tried I simply didn’t know enough about what true happiness means.

I was constantly fighting negative emotions which only made them worse. I couldn’t find peace because I couldn’t accept reality.

I really begun to think that perhaps I’d never be able to find peace and happiness.

I thought that I’d never be able to reach my full potential and grow up to be the man my parents had always wished I’d be.

That thought was soul destroying.

I was constantly exhausted, stressed, anxious and depressed.

But here’s the great thing…

After reading some Buddhist texts I finally realized the cause of my problems.

And through hard work I managed to implement their advice to make my life more fulfilling, productive and happy.

You see, according to Buddhism, the main source of suffering is attachments.

And once I realized that, I did a huge analysis of everything I was attached to and got completely rid of it.

Most of it was mental. Some of it was physical. But getting rid of ALL of it was liberating.

I’ve listed them below. I hope you can get as much out of them as I know I have.

1. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

This one takes huge mental effort, but it’s important to realize that the present moment is the only thing that exists.

Whenever I noticed myself dwelling on the past, I anchored my mind to something that was happening right now, such as my breathing.

Whenever I was looking to the future in an anxious way, I did the same thing. Eventually it became more natural to fully live in the present.

2. Trying to live up to people’s expectations.

It’s important to have your own standards to hold yourself by. For example, I always strive to try my best, help others when I can and hold my word.

But besides that, I can’t do anything else. And worrying about what other people think of you won’t help anything.

Click here for the remaining 19 toxic attachments.


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