Embracing Stress to Improve Your Life



From: Positively Positive

By: Dr. Dravon James

Do you think all stress is bad?

Do you think stress effects your day to day behaviors and decisions.

Is stress slowing taking years off you life.

Stress is not all bad. Learn more from this article from Dr. James.

When we listen to the news, there’s always a story about shortages. You’ve heard the reports, jobs are in short supply, affordable housing is in short supply, safety, clean water, and even good men are hard to come by. But there is one thing that you’ve never heard of being in short supply, and that is stress.

There is an abundance of stress. It’s everywhere. When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you wake up to the traffic report, “It’s a parking lot on 95.”

You get in the car, turn on your radio and hear that the Dow Jones is plummeting, and the economy is in danger. The kids’ school calls you at 10 am and you need to leave work. You arrived to work late due the traffic on 95, but now you’re leaving early because of a child emergency. You’re conflicted because job security is in short supply.

Stress and the guarantee of more stress ranks up there with death and taxes; in other words, it’s inevitable.

I know that sounds like bad news, but I have always believed in using whatever shows up in my life to get what I want out of life.

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