Eliminate These 11 Toxic Beliefs, You Will Live a Much Better Life



From: Hack Spirit

By: Lachlan Brown

Some beliefs are bringing you down. Stop it!

These 11 toxic beliefs will help you have a more enjoyable life.

Isn’t that what you want?

Our thoughts have tremendous power over us. They rule our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Most of the time, we don’t consider how our thoughts impact our daily lives or those around us for that matter.

Humans are pretty self-absorbed, but now and then we realize that our thoughts have the power to change our lives.

Sometimes, this change is good, and sometimes this change is bad.

If you are on a journey toward making your life better, here are 11 toxic thoughtsyou need to eliminate from your life in order to start living the life you really want and deserve.

Not only will getting rid of them improve your life, but you’ll be a better person for those around you as well.

1) You Can Change Other People

If you continue to think that you have the power to influence or change other people, you are dead wrong.

Many people waste time and money and energy and resources on those around them trying to make them someone they are not.

If you have ever had a bad boyfriend or neurotic girlfriend and you tried to change them, you know it is impossible.

But we don’t learn from those kinds of mistakes. If you want to live a better life, accept people for who they are, or move on.

2) You Are The Victim

If you like to wallow in your sorrows and draw attention to yourself because of the things that have happened in the past, then you are never going to grow into the person you are meant to become.

Playing the victim creates a sense of drama in our lives that we think is necessary, but the truth is that while bad things happen, what we think about them is on us.

We can’t control everything, but we can always control how we react to situations.

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