7 Ways to Craft Highly Engaging Content


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From: PR Daily
By: Taral Patel
How is your content engaging your followers?
Is your content engaging?
Would you like to boost your credibility via your posts?
Content marketing can boost your brand’s visibility.
However, many small and mid-size organizations fail to produce effective content for successful campaigns.
Consumers get bombarded with tons of information, and the attention span of the average internet user is shrinking. The solution is “actionable” content. Here’s what it is—along with how you can use it in your next campaign:
Actionable vs. regular and interactive content
Actionable content is content that can easily be implemented by readers. An example of actionable content is a “how-to” post.
Many PR pros use “regular” content that spreads information, but doesn’t connect with a specific audience. This type of content usually makes your audience say, “Duh, that’s obvious” or, “I already knew that.” As a result, it fails to create a lasting impression.
“Interactive” content prompts action from readers with calls to action, such as registering, sharing and liking your content. Its purpose is to open a two-way communication channel with your potential customers. Google usually rewards interactive content.
Click here for the FULL article and 7 ways to engage your followers.

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