7 Reasons That Emotional Intelligence is One of the Top Sought Job Skills


From: Root Inc. 
By: Harvey Deutschedorf
What is emotional intelligence?
Why is it so important to corporate America?

According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020

The awareness that emotional intelligence has become an important job skill, even surpassing technical ability, has been growing over the last number of years. A Career Builder Survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource professionals found the following:

  • 71 percent stated they valued emotional intelligence in an employee over IQ
  • 75 percent said they were more likely to promote a high EI worker
  • 59 percent claimed they would not hire someone with a high IQ if they had low EI

There are a lot of reasons that high emotional intelligence skills are increasingly sought after by those hiring. Here are the 7 most common reasons that employers value people with high emotional intelligence.

They Are Better Able to Handle Pressure

Handling pressure and functioning well under high stress situations requires an ability to manage our emotions. People with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more aware of their internal thermometer and therefore better able to manage their stress levels. They have better developed coping mechanisms and have healthy support systems that allow them to work effectively even in highly stressful situations. The increasing rate of change in the workplace will increase stress and put a premium on those who are able to manage the increased stress.
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