15 Traits of Emotionally Wealthy People


Emotionally stable
From: Entrepreneur
By: Sherrie Campbell
Do you feel emotionally strong?
Do you feel emotionally intelligent?
Do you wish you could bounce back from disappointment quicker?
The creation of an extraordinary life takes resilience. The most desired emotion people seek is happiness. Those who have emotional strength achieve true happiness and lasting success, not as an event but as a journey.
The mentally tough understand that emotions are the drivers of motivation, and hold the awareness of how tough it can be to harness emotion. Emotions can move us in the wrong direction when they are attached to adrenaline, as emotions often are. For this reason, emotional strength is a necessity for happiness and success.
Here are 15 traits of emotionally wealthy people.

  1. Confindence.Emotionally wealthy people are sure of their personal value and do not feel the need to audition for the acceptance and approval of others. They never have the “pick me, pick me” attitude. The emotionally wealthy do not need attention because they are fulfilled from within as a byproduct of their achievements and unceasing hard work in all areas of life.
    They understand to be magnificent is a great challenge that takes great effort.
  2. Resilience.

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