11 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation


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Not sure if meditation is for you?
Curious about the benefits of meditation?

Health benefits of meditation include relief from stressanxietydepressioninsomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatiguesyndrome and acute respiratory infection. It increases IQ, pain tolerance and helps in weight loss. It is also beneficial in maintaining blood pressure.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mind-body [1practice in CAM or complementary and alternative medicine. It can be of many types, most of which have originated from traditions, religion etc. There are certain techniques used by those who practice meditation. These techniques include focused attention, a specific body posture and no attention or openness to distractions without much of a response or reaction.

People all over the world practice meditation for a variety of reasons. Some meditate as a part of culture or traditions that may have been followed in the families or society since many years. Some meditate to increase focus, improve health etc. It has been beneficial in maintaining good health and also reducing the risk of many health ailments.

Types of Meditation

When taken from the religion concept it may involve the use of prayer beads or any other item that is considered sacred to a particular religion. Meditation can be practiced [2when standing, sitting or in the active way that is common among the Buddhists. Physical fitness incorporates its use alongside other exercisessuch as Yoga. This process is considered to be able to generate various forms of emotional state or alternatively encourage the development of a given mental reflex to various occurrences in the surrounding environment such as compassion, anger, and hatred. It has a calming and relieving result that helps to direct self-awareness inwardly until pure and controlled awareness is realized.

One major advantage of practicing meditation is that it is safe and so far there are no injuries that are associated with it. A person does not require any kind of equipment to meditate; all that is needed is enough space. This is why physicians recommend this practice to patients suffering from stress-related conditions.
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