10 Mindful Attitudes To Help With Anxiety


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From: Hack Spirit

By: Lachlan Brown

Feeling overwhelmed and anixious?

Too much on your plate?

Never enough hours in the day?

This article from Lachlan Brown in the HuffPost, can help.

Learn more below:

Anxiety is more of a curse than anything else. You can’t cure it with the perfect medicine, and it doesn’t go away passively like a cold.

Anxiety demands your attention, while making you more fearful of giving it your attention the closer you look at it.

But deep down, defeating anxiety consists of taking part in a power struggle for your brain. Ridding yourself of anxiety is a mental exercise; keeping it away is a mental habit.

This is where adopting mindful attitudes can be hugely beneficial.

Here are the 10 best mindful attitudes to rewire your brain to let go of anxiety:

1) Find the Goodness In Every Moment, Even The Ones You Don’t Like

Some of us have issues with the lessons of mindfulness. This comes from the fear of living in the present, because the present isn’t always as great as we want it to be.

By living with mindfulness, they believe that they are withholding from themselves the ability to disengage or escape.

But that’s exactly what mindfulness tries to teach—not every moment can be positive or beautiful, and not every moment should be positive or beautiful.

Click here for the FULL article and remaining 9 attitudes.


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